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Other Topics

Table of contents

Better Pre-training/Fine-tuning Methods

  1. IsoBN: Fine-Tuning BERT with Isotropic Batch Normalization
    ✍️ Wenxuan Zhou, Bill Yuchen Lin and Xiang Ren
    🏢 in Proc. of AAAI 2021

  2. Pre-training Text-to-Text Transformers for Concept-Centric Common Sense
    ✍️ Wangchunshu Zhou, Dong-Ho Lee, Ravi Kiran Selvam, Seyeon Lee, Bill Yuchen Lin, Xiang Ren
    🏢 (to appear) in Proc. of ICLR 2021

  3. FedNLP: A Research Platform for Federated Learning in Natural Language Processing
    ✍️ Bill Yuchen Lin*, Chaoyang He*, Zihang Zeng, Hulin Wang, Yufen Huang, Mahdi Soltanolkotabi, Xiang Ren*, Salman Avestimehr*
    🏢 arXiv [💾 Github] [Tweet]

  4. CʀᴏssFɪᴛ: A Few-shot Learning Challenge for Cross-Task Generalization in NLP
    ✍️ Qinyuan Ye, Bill Yuchen Lin, Xiang Ren
    🏢 arXiv

Cultural Analysis and Social Media

  1. Mining Cross-Cultural Differences and Similarities in Social Media.
    ✍️ Bill Yuchen Lin*, Frank F. Xu*, Kenny Q. Zhu and Seung-won Hwang
    🏢 in Proc. of ACL 2018
    [💾 Github]

  2. Multi-channel BiLSTM-CRF Model for Emerging Named Entity Recognition in Social Media.
    ✍️ Bill Y. Lin*, Frank F. Xu*, Zhiyi Luo and Kenny Q. Zhu
    🏢 in Proc. of EMNLP 2017, Workshop on Noisy User-generated Text
    [💾 Github]