01-16 Our Re-Align (URIAL) paper got accepted to ICLR 2024!
01-12 Invited talk at AgentX community about the Lumos Agent.


11-15 New preprint: Lumos Agent (led by AI2 intern Da Yin (UCLA)), Personalized Soups (led by AI2 intern Joel Jang (UW)).
09-21 Both SwiftSage and FnF papers got in NeurIPS 2023 as spotlight!
07-29 Check out our new work (with Chengsong and Qian): LoraHub for efficient cross-task generalization.
07-12 Invited talk at Microsoft Research, Montreal: Language-based Reasoning for Complex Interactive Tasks in Real-World Situations
07-09 Co-presented an tutorial at ACL 2023 on Complex Reasoning in Natural Language.
06-18 Will serve as an Area Chair at EMNLP 2023
06-10 Invited talk at Prof. Dongkuan (DK) Xu's team at NCSU.
05-01 Our work on PairReranker has been accepted to the ACL 2023 main conference!
03-29 Invited talk at Microsoft Research: "Advancing Large Language Models with Input Augmentation and Output Refinement" (slides).
02-26 We gave an tutorial on Knowledge-Augmented Methods for NLP at WSDM 2023!
02-20 I moved to Seattle, WA! Just started my new journey at AI2 Mosaic! :D Also, our tutorial on Complex Reasoning has been accepted to ACL 2023!
02-06 I'm attending AAAI 2023 in Washington, DC. Will chair a session for the special track on Safe and Robust AI on Feb 12. And I will also take a trip to NYC. Ping me if you want to meet up! :)
01-01 Will serve as an Area Chair for ACL 2023!


12-05 I passed my PhD defense! Yay! :D
09-17 Our paper about unsupervised cross-task generalization via retrieval augmentation is accepted to NeurIPS 2022!
09-01 Talk at AI2 on Improving and Evaluating the Commonsense Reasoning Ability of Language Models.
04-17 New preprint on unsupervised cross-task generalization via retrieval augmentation. We will present it as non-archival papers at Spa-NLP and LNLS workshop at ACL2022.
04-07 Our FedNLP project has been accepted by the NAACL 2022 Findings, and a joint work with Jun Yan on entity robustness has been accepted by the main conference! :)
02-24 My internship work at FAIR has been accepted to ACL 2022!
02-24 Invited as a reviewer to the TMLR (Transactions on Machine Learning Research)! It's a new venue for dissemination of machine learning research that is intended to complement JMLR while supporting the unmet needs of a growing ML community. Please consider submitting your work via OpenReview!
02-08 I finally passed my thesis proposal! Thanks a lot for the support of my committee members: Prof. Xiang Ren (chair), Prof. Cyrus Shahabi, Prof. Yan Liu, Prof. Robin Jia, and Prof. Toby Mintz.
01-26 Chenguang, Yicong, Meng, Wenhao, Xiang, and I will be giving a tutorial on "Knowledge-Augmented Methods for Natural Language Processing" at ACL 2022.
01-01 Excited to co-organize two workshops at ACL 2022 with really cool teams: CSRR (commonsense representation & reasoning) and FL4NLP (federated learning for NLP). Please follow both for more info and participate!


07-06 Vered, Antoine, Lorraine and I are organizing an AKBC workshop on commonsense and KBs (CSKB@AKBC21). Please consider submitting your (published/unpublished) work there! We have some stellar speakers and panelists. Check it here.

Our paper โ€œAutoTriggER: Named Entity Recognition with Auxiliary Trigger Extractionโ€ won the Best Paper Award at NAACL21 TrustNLP workshop!


Selected as one of the AI Rising Stars in Chinese Students by Baidu Research.


We have two full papers on commonsense reasoning accepted to ACL2021 (1 long + 1 findings): X-CSR and RiddleSense!

04-17 Releasing FedNLP-- A research platform for Federated Learning in NLP. [Tweet]
04-17 A new arXiv preprint with Qinyuan, Cส€แดssFษชแด›: A Few-shot Learning Challenge for Cross-Task Generalization in NLP. [Tweet]
04-07 Our works on commonsense reasoning got covered by an article on Communications of the ACM: The Best of NLP.
03-15 Finally passed my qual exam and officially became a PhD Candidate now. [Slides]
03-10 My internship work about open-ended commonsense reasoning is accepted to NAACL21. Check our website here.
01-25 Releasing Rebiber, a simple tool to fix outdated arXiv citations! [Twitter]
01-20 Check out our ICLR 2021 paper on pre-training text-to-text transformers for common sense.


11-30 Media coverage of CommonGen: The Register , Tech Xplore , Techzine , , ScienceDaily , USC Viterbi !
11-06We will explore the connections between #CommonsenseAI and #ConversationalAI in the 4th Alexa Prize Socialbot Grand Challenge, as a team at USC-ISI!
10-20We got 3 papers in EMNLP20: CommonGen, NumerSense, and MHGRN.
06-26Invited talk on "Neuro-Symoblic Commonsense Reasoning" virtually at Fudan University hosted by Prof. Zhongyu Wei.
05-15My google internship work was accepted to KDD 2020 as a full research paper! Thanks to my amazing mentors: Ying, Nguyen, and Sandeep!
04-23Our NERO paper got BEST PAPER Runner-Up (2 out of 1500 submissions) in The Web Conf (WWW) 2020.
04-03Three papers have been accepted to the ACL 2020! Thanks to my wonderful collaborators.


12-19Had a great week in Beijing & invited talks at THU (hosted by Prof. Zhiyuan Liu), MSRA (hosted by Dr. Nan Duan), and PKU (hosted by Yansong Feng).
12-01I will work as a research intern at Google AI again in 2020 summer, with William W. Cohen's team in Pittsburgh.
11-13Invited talk on "Commonsense Reasoning for Natural Language Understanding and Generation" at Westlake University, Hangzhou, China.
11-02Traveling for EMNLP-IJCNLP 2019 in Hong Kong, China.
08-12Our work KagNet for commonsense reasoning is accepted as an long paper (w/ oral presentation) to EMNLP-IJCNLP 2019.
08-01The AlpacaTag annotation framework (ACL 2019 demo) is online now!
05-19Our work in building active learning-based sequence tagging annotation framework has been accepted to ACL 2019.
01-10Will take a research internship at Google AI in the comming summer!


11-11Had my very first travel in Europe for the EMNLP! Love Paris, Amsterdam, and Brussels!!!
08-10Two papers have been accepted to the EMNLP 2018 !!
07-24Attended the ACL 2018 and had a wonderful travel in Melbourne & Sydney!
06-27Succeeded in my Bachelor's Thesis Defense and earned Best Thesis Award (Top 1% at SJTU & 1st in the CSE Department.)
05-29Invited as a reviewer of EMNLP 2018!
05-29Will be a volunteer for the ACL 2018. And thanks to the ACL Walker Fund for the support towards my travel expenses.
04-21Two papers have been accepted to the ACL 2018 !!
04-03I will become a Ph.D. student in Computer Science at USC/ISI with an Annenberg Fellowship Award this fall.