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04-17 Releasing FedNLP-- A research platform for Federated Learning in NLP. [Tweet]
04-17 A new arXiv preprint with Qinyuan, CʀᴏssFɪᴛ: A Few-shot Learning Challenge for Cross-Task Generalization in NLP. [Tweet]
04-07 Our works on commonsense reasoning got covered by an article on Communications of the ACM: The Best of NLP.
03-15 Finally passed my qual exam and officially became a PhD Candidate now. [Slides]
01-25 Releasing Rebiber, a simple tool to fix outdated arXiv citations! [Twitter]
01-20 Check out our ICLR 2021 paper on pre-training text-to-text transformers for common sense.


11-30 Media coverage of CommonGen: The Register , Tech Xplore , Techzine , , ScienceDaily , USC Viterbi !
11-06We will explore the connections between #CommonsenseAI and #ConversationalAI in the 4th Alexa Prize Socialbot Grand Challenge, as a team at USC-ISI!
10-23Check our work in progress on Open-Ended Commonsense Reasoing, with Haitian, Bhuwan, Manzil, Xiang and William!
10-20We got 3 papers in EMNLP20: CommonGen, NumerSense, and MHGRN.
06-26Invited talk on "Neuro-Symoblic Commonsense Reasoning" virtually at Fudan University hosted by Prof. Zhongyu Wei.
05-15My google internship work was accepted to KDD 2020 as a full research paper! Thanks to my amazing mentors: Ying, Nguyen, and Sandeep!
04-23Our NERO paper got BEST PAPER Runner-Up (2 out of 1500 submissions) in The Web Conf (WWW) 2020.
04-03Three papers have been accepted to the ACL 2020! Thanks to my wonderful collaborators.


12-19Had a great week in Beijing & invited talks at THU (hosted by Prof. Zhiyuan Liu), MSRA (hosted by Dr. Nan Duan), and PKU (hosted by Yansong Feng).
12-01I will work as a research intern at Google AI again in 2020 summer, with William W. Cohen's team in Pittsburgh.
11-13Invited talk on "Commonsense Reasoning for Natural Language Understanding and Generation" at Westlake University, Hangzhou, China.
11-02Traveling for EMNLP-IJCNLP 2019 in Hong Kong, China.
08-12Our work KagNet for commonsense reasoning is accepted as an long paper (w/ oral presentation) to EMNLP-IJCNLP 2019.
08-01The AlpacaTag annotation framework (ACL 2019 demo) is online now!
05-19Our work in building active learning-based sequence tagging annotation framework has been accepted to ACL 2019.
01-10Will take a research internship at Google AI in the comming summer!


11-11Had my very first travel in Europe for the EMNLP! Love Paris, Amsterdam, and Brussels!!!
08-10Two papers have been accepted to the EMNLP 2018 !!
07-24Attended the ACL 2018 and had a wonderful travel in Melbourne & Sydney!
06-27Succeeded in my Bachelor's Thesis Defense and earned Best Thesis Award (Top 1% at SJTU & 1st in the CSE Department.)
05-29Invited as a reviewer of EMNLP 2018!
05-29Will be a volunteer for the ACL 2018. And thanks to the ACL Walker Fund for the support towards my travel expenses.
04-21Two papers have been accepted to the ACL 2018 !!
04-03I will become a Ph.D. student in Computer Science at USC/ISI with an Annenberg Fellowship Award this fall.

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