(Bill) Yuchen Lin

  Postdoc Researcher, Allen Institute for AI, Mosaic. Hosted by Prof. Prof. Yejin Choi (University of Washington) (23'Feb-Now)
Research Intern, Meta FAIR Lab. Hosted by Dr. Scott Yih (21' May - Dec)
Research Intern, Google AI. Hosted by Dr. William Cohen (20') & Sandeep Tata (19')
πŸŽ“ PhD. in Computer Science,
University of Southern California (18'-22')
πŸŽ“ BSc. in Computer Science, IEEE Class, Shanghai Jiao Tong University (14'-18')
πŸͺ‘ Area Chair: ACL'23, EMNLP'23; Workshop Organizer: FL4NLP@ACL22, CSRR@ACL22, CSKB@AKBC21, TamingLLM@SIGDIAL+INLG'23
πŸ—£οΈ Tutorials: ACL 2023; ACL 2022; WSDM 2023;
πŸ₯‡ Best Paper Award, TrustNLP 2021; Best Paper Runner-Up, WWW 20220; Best Thesis @ SJTU.
πŸ† AI Rising Stars by Baidu Research (2021)
Upcoming trip: NeurIPS 2023 @ New Orleans.
11-15 New preprint: πŸͺ„ Lumos Agent (with AI2 intern Da Yin from UCLA)
11-01 New preprint: 🍲 Personalized RLHF (with AI2 intern Joel Jang from UW).
10-15 New preprints: 🐯 TIGER-Score (reference-free NLG evaluation) and πŸƒ Suspicion-Agent (playing imperfect-information games).
09-21 Our SwiftSage and FnF papers got in NeurIPS 2023 as spotlights! 🌟 🌟
07-29 Check out our new work (with Chengsong and Qian): LoraHub for efficient cross-task generalization.
07-12 Invited talk at Microsoft Research, Montreal: Language-based Reasoning for Complex Interactive Tasks in Real-World Situations
07-09 Co-presented an tutorial at ACL 2023 on Complex Reasoning in Natural Language.
06-18 Will serve as an Area Chair at EMNLP 2023.
05-01 Our work on LLM-Blender has been accepted to the ACL 2023 main conference!
03-29 Invited talk at Microsoft Research: "Advancing Large Language Models with Input Augmentation and Output Refinement" (slides).
02-26 We gave an tutorial on Knowledge-Augmented Methods for NLP at WSDM 2023!
02-20 I moved to Seattle, WA! Just started my new journey at AI2 Mosaic! :D Also, our tutorial on Complex Reasoning has been accepted to ACL 2023!
01-01 Will serve as an Area Chair for ACL 2023!

Yuchen Lin is a Postdoc Researcher at Allen Institute for AI (AI2), hosted by Prof. Yejin Choi (University of Washington). Yuchen's primary interest lies in studying the science of large language models (LLMs), developing AI agents for complex interactive tasks, and evaluating the reasoning and alignment ability of LLMs. His research aims to teach machines how to think, plan, and act like humans. Moreover, Yuchen's work focuses on enhancing the robustness, safety, and generalization of LLMs through retrieval augmentation, continual learning, ensemble learning, etc.

Yuchen received Best Paper Award Runner-up at The Web Conference 2020, best paper award at TrustNLP 2021, and got selected as AI Rising Star by Baidu Scholar. He has given several tutorials at ACL and WSDM, and served as an Area Chair for ACL 2023 and EMNLP 2023. He received his PhD from University of Southern California in 2022, advised by Prof. Xiang Ren. Previously, he got his bachelor’s degree from the IEEE Honored Class at Shanghai Jiao Tong University (2014-2018) and won the Best Thesis Award, advised by Prof. Kenny Zhu. He was a research intern at Facebook AI Research (FAIR) (2021 with Scott Yih), Google AI (2020 with William Cohen, 2019 with Sandeep Tata), and Microsoft Research Asia (2017-2018).

🀝 I'm very open to collaboration! Please feel free to email me. :D